Vendor Services

  • Design, implement and manage customized equipment financing solutions to aid in the sales of products for manufacturers and distributors across the globe.
  • We have relationships among top players in industries such as technology, office products, healthcare, printing, and other diversified industries.
  • Develop and execute structured multi-country equipment financing relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, distributors, software vendors and service providers worldwide. 
  • Leasing and financing options can be a key component to your sales success. Through our diversified funding abilities, our equipment leasing specialists can give you the advantage of one stop shopping. Our vendor programs can be structured for local or national vendors.  We offer personalized service, full sales team training, tracking reports, and specialized programs. We can customize a finance package around your needs and the needs of your clients – all at competitive rates and terms.

Our Operating Lease option lets you pay to use the equipment without any obligation to purchase

  • No capital expenditure restraints
  • Reduced impact on annual budgets
  • Effective use of capital
  • Reduced risk of financial loss due to technological obsolescence


THE STAFF AT EQUIBANK invite you to experience the high level of equipment financing services and expertise that EQUIBANK Financial Services has to offer.

Our wide range of equipment financing services includes:

  • NEW and USED Equipment Leasing and Financing
  • Term Loan & Conditional Sales
  • Sale/Leaseback
  • Commercial Lending
  • Refinancing


Through our strategic funding relationships we can also offer:

  • Factoring
  • Purchase order discounting


Our Capital Lease option offers a traditional means of financing equipment, and it can be tailored to your specific financial objectives.

  • No capital expenditure restraints
  • Reduced impact on annual budgets
  • Effective use of capital












Equipment Leasing Can Help Your Business.

Equipment leasing is a smart choice with many benefits such as; conserving working capital, preserving credit lines, ease of budgeting, term repayment flexibility, self-financing, write-offs, seasonal accommodations, ease of up-grading and tax advantages.

We offer various other equipment financing options, including term loans. You can also free up cash for a reasonable business purpose by financing or refinancing your existing assets.